Most people are switching careers into tech and most often they’ll concentrate on learning how to write code and build projects, optimizing on making their GitHub profile, and maybe networking. It’s important to take time to prioritize preparing for job interviews and job applications.

If you're looking for a job don’t be afraid of the technical processes or worry about failing. Just apply for roles if you’re considered for interviews to give it your best whether you’re accepted to the next steps or not consider this as a learning process and odds with a possibility of landing a good role with a company with a good culture that favors developers like you

In this template, I’m going to compile a number of resources and templates one can use to prepare all requirements needed in the job application process and job interviews.

Job Applications

Most companies hiring developers requires one to submit their resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, portfolio, and GitHub profile in the job application forms or if they are to be sent via email. If you’re a budding software developer looking to apply for jobs you take your time to prepare these 6 profiles effectively as you continue learning or when you feel you’re comfortable and want to start applying for jobs.

1. Resume

sites you can use their templates to make your own resume:

Some employees prefer having a link to your resume to avoid restrictions on space limits when it comes to the pdf form of resume. Having options between downloadable & live versions (link) of resumes is also an idea it helps you become flexible when it comes to job applications.

What makes a good Resume for a developer (Resources)

Resumes should obviously show your: